The Island of Neutrality

The canoe slashed through the water. The strongest warrior of the tribe paddled towards the island. The Island of Neutrality was said to be far too small to inhabit. Instead, the various tribes that lived scattered around the archipelago utilized it for meetings. It was neutral ground. The warrior would meet two other people from the closest tribes to talk about a peace treaty. “I am far from the greatest diplomat,” the warrior thought, “but the old ones know best. And it brings bad luck to doubt them, at least openly.” It had been explained that the old ones had come to an agreement to send the warrior for the first meeting. This was to prevent the other two tribes from getting any bright ideas. And this insurance policy outweighed the warrior’s limited understanding of the common tongue.The canoe met the sand and cut through it before it stopped. The captain jumped off and pulled it further ashore. The warrior was the first to reach the island. The warrior had become Alpha.

Alpha walked around the island for a while and realized something. The island was, in fact, fit for two or three families. Perhaps it could be a small colony. Alpha looked out to the ocean on a regular basis. And after a considerable time, the second canoe appeared over the horizon. “There comes Beta,” thought Alpha.

After coming ashore, Beta walked briskly up to Alpha and stopped when they were close enough to see each other in the eyes. Beta’s eyes were big and blue like the sky. Alpha was relieved, with this person it would be easy to lay the groundworks for a treaty.

Suddenly the third canoe appeared over the horizon. “And there comes Omega,” thought Alpha, feeling strange by observing the unknown mechanism that Omega used instead of paddles. Omega moved ungodly quick through the water, “and his equipment, if you even can call it that, is as debauched as can be,” thought Alpha.

Omega landed ashore and swiftly walked towards them. “By all the mountain gods, look at how incredibly arrogant this person is,” reflected Alpha. “We are not desperate to meet you; there is no need to hurry that much?”. Omega began to run, and without acknowledging Alpha, Omega took a firm grip on Beta’s arm and pulled hard. Beta would not budge, “Of course not,” thought Alpha. While talking in an unknown tongue, Omega was angrily pointing at Beta, and then on the abominable canoe. “In the same way a child point at a thing it wants,” thought Alpha, “which kind of backwards-thinking tribe would have raised such a monster?” The tug of war continued until Beta began to wail in despair.

Alpha had had enough and broke them up. Omega decided to focus on the new opponent. Omega punched Alpha. “How incredibly weak that punch was,” thought Alpha and hit as hard as humanly possible, Omega fell backward. ” If Omega wants to be like that…,” Alpha thought furiously. There weren’t any other possibilities.

Alpha grabbed a large stone while getting on top of the fallen opponent. The hero lifted the rock as far as possible. The weapon fell. Omega’s skull split open.

The two remaining stayed frozen for awhile. “What now,” thought Alpha. “Everything has gone straight to hell because of Omega’s insane attitude. One can only own people by conquering them with war. And that is common knowledge! What kind of gods had given Omega the right to just take Beta?”

Beta broke the spell by saying: “Thank you,” in the common tongue, and something else Alpha didn’t understand. Beta turned around and walked back to the shore. Beta’s new vessel moved quickly through the water and disappeared over the horizon. Alpha was all that was left.

After some time had passed, Alpha saw new canoes approaching. Who were they? What was their business on The Island of Neutrality?

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