Why I Am Going to Read More Books

If you have read my first post, then you will know that the primary purpose of this blog is for me to become a writer.

So I find it a bit embarrassing to admit that I’ve almost entirely stopped reading books. One of the benefits of reading is that you get better as a writer. Hence, I need to start reading again.

I mean, I technically still read. But that reading includes a lot of poorly written internet comments. And reading holds so much more potential than anything I can obtain while skimming over comments to a YouTube video.

The most interesting thing about delving into a work of literature is this: Reading a book is in many ways like talking with a great mind across time and space. In fact, in some cases, your conversation partner might have been dead for several centuries or even millenniums.

Reading books can be informative, exciting, titillating, frightening, beautiful, touching, surprising, and fun. It is almost possible to satisfy all intellectual and emotional needs one have by reading books.

There are many reasons why we choose to read books. We can read to become enlightened, to create meaning, or to justify choices we have to take in our lives. Also, books make us comprehend, think, and communicate easier. In some cases, reading might be uncomfortable. Maybe, at first, we firmly disagree with what we read, but then it gets us to see our flaws or that of society. Reading can defiantly sharpen our awareness and critical thinking.

Ultimately, we can read books to get to know ourselves. They help us to form our identities, our self-perceptions, and our understanding of the world. We can read to find comfort. Or become emotional. Books stimulate our creative abilities. And can set many feelings in motion. And helps us to form new thoughts and can force us to take a stand on different issues that the modern world is facing.

Of course, sometimes reading books can just be used as a break from the mundane world; by escaping into a whole different reality. For instance, I spent a good portion of my childhood being up to no good in a castle somewhere in Scotland. And a couple of years ago, I met a fellow with incredible deductive abilities. And while I acted as his Boswell, he solved crimes in the late 19th century’s London.

In my own experience, few things can compare to the reading of a great book. I can’t understand why I stopped. I will start again. I promise!

I want to elaborate on that promise to myself. As you might know, this blog is public. And I think that anything stated here is harder to break than any promise made in the privacy of my mind. It isn’t that I think anybody would care if I read books or not. But it’s a bit awkward not to follow through on things that one have said on a public forum. At least, it is to me. It’s just how my mind works.

My plan is to read one book a week. It doesn’t matter what kind of book, but it has to be suitable as fuel to make a blog post. I mostly have in mind making analyses and reviews. However, just discussing an idea from the book could also be viable.

I’ve heard good things about this Hemingway guy, so I’ll start with his short novel, The Old Man and the Sea.


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