Burn It!!!

The Ingenious Nobleman Mister Quixote of La Mancha should be thrown on the fire so that we can spare the youth and future generations against the evil it contains. When I started reading the book, I realized something very shocking to me: it’s outrageously long. Do not get me wrong; it’s an incredible story that has spoken to several generations over the ages. But the problem with the book is all these words that we are expected to read to experience the story, and therefore the book is not worth reading.

Today nobody has longer a chance to experience the fantastic adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Because, shockingly, the author was not able to predict the future. Everybody should have guessed that 400 years ahead nobody would have the time to read long books. We cannot be expected to read about half a million words just to experience a timeless classic. No, compress the story of Don Quixote into 140 characters or less and then throw all copies of the original book on the fire. And if you got rid of all paper-based books a long time ago, throw your infected e-book reader on the bonfire, instead.

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