The End of Learning to Talk

[Note: This is a script for this video]

I dreaded this day, but I thought it was still in the distant future. This the end of the podcast for now. My co-host, Chris, couldn’t do it anymore. But since we have no listeners, I do not feel as sorry about this situation than I would have been otherwise.

For a while, I thought about trying to recruit another guy from the internet as my new co-host. But I think it would have been too complicated since we don’t have anybody that is subbed to us. And I felt a bit wary of asking random jabronis on the internet to be my new co-host.

So no more episodes.

Actually, I might still upload one in the future since I have had an old episode on the backburner for quite some time.

Anyway, seeing that I am more or less free from the curse that is editing the podcast, I can turn my full attention towards my own channel and start producing more content there.

However, I do hope we will someday be able to return and learn how to talk once again.