Death by 10,000 Happy Moments – A Vlog

[Note: This is a script for this video]

Oh my God, I like soda. And I drink a lot of it.

People–like me–who consume soda and sugar-heavy products on a regular basis are favoring small hits of joy over avoiding massive pains in the future. Pains like: going to the dentist, living with diabetes, and being a fat-ass.

In fact, I’m quite surprised that I am as thin and disease free as I am. I should at least have gotten diabetes by now. I guess I’m just lucky and young.

But I can’t rely on luck and youth forever. In other words: I have to do something about this unholy habit of mine before it’s too late. So no more drinking pop, or any other sugar-containing liquids for that matter. Only water.

Actually, during 2015 and up to late 2016 I didn’t drink soda at all. But with going back to school, and therefore being around more people drinking the sweet nectar of the underworld, I became tempted and started drinking it once again.

At first, I only drank energy drinks, excusing that behavior with the lie that I needed the extra energy boost. And then later I started drinking soda again because: “If I drink energy drinks, that many people say are even worse than soda, I might as well consume the lesser of two evils too.”

Now, the main problem for me with being entirely soda-free is that sooner or later I will go for a long bike ride where I will have to buy some liquids to stay hydrated. And I can’t quite shake the feeling of being ripped off whenever I buy water because it’s usually free. Of course, technically, I don’t pay for the water itself, but rather the privilege of being on the road and still have access to ice cold water.

And I just have to repeat that idea over and over to myself until I have internalized it. And all in all, I think that overpaying for water now and then is better then slowly killing my body and mind with poison.

Because I do think sugar–in extreme concentrations–is poisonous. I’ve already mentioned how it can ruin your body. But how can it destroy your mind? And my answer is: I don’t know, I just have a feeling that longterm soda consumption is detrimental to the brain.

That answer is not the scientific one, but fuck it, I’m not a scientist, and I’m not going to use Google to back up my hunch. In this case, I do think ignorance is a good thing. Because if I find through my googling that there is lacking evidence that soda is harmful to the brain, I will more likely start drinking it again.

Of course, I might sooner or later fall back to my old ways anyway. But if I can stay clean for the rest of 2018, I think there is a fighting chance that I might forever end my romance with this fucking thing*.

*: “this fucking thing” is a coke can I am showing in the video version.


Four Reasons Not to Vlog – A Vlog

[Note: This is a script for this video]

I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Yeah, that’s right, I make vlogs now. I have officially become an egocentric hack just like the rest of youtube.

Anyway, vlogging is something I have wanted to do for quite some time now. But various reasons have stopped me from turning on the camera to make a fool of myself online. And here are most of those reasons:

Reason number 1: I might become famous.

In my mind, it is a great thing to just be another nameless guy in the crowd. Because then random people will not come up to you in the street and demand human interaction from you. Well, actually, I do think non-famous people have to deal with that too, but not that often or extreme.

However, I think it requires an ungodly amount of subscribers before one gets recognized on the street and talked to. And, thankfully, I think I will never be worthy of an ungodly amount of subscribers.

Reason number 2: There’s a change that I might be publicly shamed.

Without showing my face, comes the privilege of being freer with what I can say online. If I say something controversial, it’s improbable that it will ruin my life. Showing my face, however, makes that possibility a bit larger.

For example: let’s say that I don’t like raisins, and I make a video explaining my reasons. And then someone from the We Love Raisins foundation sees it; hating every word my ignorant mouth spews out. Well, now, I’m not as anonymous on the internet as I was before I started makings vlogs. So it’s much more likely that the members of We love Raisins can do stuff that will hurt me in real life. For instance: get me fired.

Reason number 3: People I know might see me.

I am not a fan of the notion that people I know offline can see what I do online.

To demonstrate – with an extream example – why I do not like this, let’s use the fictional organization from before: We Love Raisins. In this scenario, I’m really unlucky, and one of my old classmates is serving on the board of directors to We Love Raisins. Now suddenly they know my real name. And it’s much more likely that they are going to show up at my door and kick my ass for my raisins hating ways.

Reason number 4: Vlogs isn’t really the best form of content I could make.

To many, especially naturally gifted speakers, vlogs might seem like a low-effort way of making videos. And relatively speaking they are right. I know I could spend my time dedicated to making better videos then vlogs.

Instead of making 200 vlogs that nobody will care about, I could spend the next five years making a kickass, hand-drawn, 10 minutes long animation that everybody will love – most likely. Granted, I would probably go half-insane on the journey to make that animation, but I would have made a cool thing that very few people are going to make during their lifetime.

So, knowing the alternative ways I could spend my time, I was reluctant to start making vlogs. However, I ended up producing almost nothing during my first two years on this platform, and if I make vlogs, at least I’m making something. And also, I can use vlogs as practice.

I mean, someday I want to make more advanced videos with live-action bits in them. And since I’m a firm believer in the saying, “practice makes perfect”, I think that making vlogs on a regular basis can be beneficial to me. For instance, I think it will make me a better writer since I have to write every script. And also, I hope it will make me good at performing those scripts without relying on jump cuts after each sentence or so.