Death by 10,000 Happy Moments – A Vlog

[Note: This is a script for this video]

Oh my God, I like soda. And I drink a lot of it.

People–like me–who consume soda and sugar-heavy products on a regular basis are favoring small hits of joy over avoiding massive pains in the future. Pains like: going to the dentist, living with diabetes, and being a fat-ass.

In fact, I’m quite surprised that I am as thin and disease free as I am. I should at least have gotten diabetes by now. I guess I’m just lucky and young.

But I can’t rely on luck and youth forever. In other words: I have to do something about this unholy habit of mine before it’s too late. So no more drinking pop, or any other sugar-containing liquids for that matter. Only water.

Actually, during 2015 and up to late 2016 I didn’t drink soda at all. But with going back to school, and therefore being around more people drinking the sweet nectar of the underworld, I became tempted and started drinking it once again.

At first, I only drank energy drinks, excusing that behavior with the lie that I needed the extra energy boost. And then later I started drinking soda again because: “If I drink energy drinks, that many people say are even worse than soda, I might as well consume the lesser of two evils too.”

Now, the main problem for me with being entirely soda-free is that sooner or later I will go for a long bike ride where I will have to buy some liquids to stay hydrated. And I can’t quite shake the feeling of being ripped off whenever I buy water because it’s usually free. Of course, technically, I don’t pay for the water itself, but rather the privilege of being on the road and still have access to ice cold water.

And I just have to repeat that idea over and over to myself until I have internalized it. And all in all, I think that overpaying for water now and then is better then slowly killing my body and mind with poison.

Because I do think sugar–in extreme concentrations–is poisonous. I’ve already mentioned how it can ruin your body. But how can it destroy your mind? And my answer is: I don’t know, I just have a feeling that longterm soda consumption is detrimental to the brain.

That answer is not the scientific one, but fuck it, I’m not a scientist, and I’m not going to use Google to back up my hunch. In this case, I do think ignorance is a good thing. Because if I find through my googling that there is lacking evidence that soda is harmful to the brain, I will more likely start drinking it again.

Of course, I might sooner or later fall back to my old ways anyway. But if I can stay clean for the rest of 2018, I think there is a fighting chance that I might forever end my romance with this fucking thing*.

*: “this fucking thing” is a coke can I am showing in the video version.



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