The Hellish Experience of Traveling by Plane – A Quick Thought

[Note: This is a script for this video]

If hell is other people then being at the airport on a busy day is the fifth circle of hell. When I have to fly, I usually dread my future journey for a week, as I would have dreaded an appointment for some light torturing.

First, you go through security, and usually, you can’t avoid a slow-moving line inhabited by mostly inept people — ineptness is the reason the line is slow-moving.

Then, you have to wait to board the plane. A period I always spend in the most isolated place of the airport. This is an okay experience because the source of most of my misery is gone. Of course, braving the rapids of humans to and from blissful isolation isn’t fun.

When the boarding time comes, it’s normally painful. Since you’re waiting in another slow-moving line, sometimes in a jet bridge that is boiling hot. Who thought it was a good idea to make them human greenhouses? Get rid of the fucking glass walls … pretty please.

When you have shuffled your way to your seat, you can look forward to an uncomfortable chair, roaring engines, and babies crying. You end up wishing that you would fall out of the sky. At least then the suffering would be over.

But thankfully, at some point, the plane lands and you know the misery will end soon — if, of course, you took a direct flight to your destination.

In the end, I’m glad that I can reach a distant destination in under a day. But I wish the process could be a bit more comfortable. Maybe someday.


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