Two 100 Word Stories

The man looked at his computer screen. It was showing him brightly colored characters interacting with each other. This was his ineffective tool. The tool he tried unconsciously to use for time travel. He wanted to become the boy again. He needed to become the boy again. The boy was happy. The boy was a good student; the boy had a bright future ahead of him.

The man closed his eyes, he had tried to turn back into the boy for years, yet the more he tried, the more he became less like the boy. And less like the man.

There was once a man that went to work because of the money he wanted to make. He saved every penny he could by living cheap and minimalistic. He never went out nor got any friends. Traveling by plane only one time per year. He wanted to have money before he started enjoying life. Never needing to work again

Not long before he was to reach his goal, the man collapsed on his floor. Some of the people felt sorry for the man. Others called him a fool for not taking loans. But he didn’t care because he was dead.

The Island of Neutrality

The canoe slashed through the water. The strongest warrior of the tribe paddled towards the island. The Island of Neutrality was said to be far too small to inhabit. Instead, the various tribes that lived scattered around the archipelago utilized it for meetings. It was neutral ground. The warrior would meet two other people from the closest tribes to talk about a peace treaty. “I am far from the greatest diplomat,” the warrior thought, “but the old ones know best. And it brings bad luck to doubt them, at least openly.” It had been explained that the old ones had come to an agreement to send the warrior for the first meeting. This was to prevent the other two tribes from getting any bright ideas. And this insurance policy outweighed the warrior’s limited understanding of the common tongue. Continue reading