Good Night

i am twenty-six years old and i got my kicks
by wasting my time playing as these shiny chicks
from this great cartoon series made for tiny pricks
though my and its politics do not intermix
i indulge myself a taste for my daily fix
steven universe has become part of the mix
can any of you understand their hidden tricks

now the hand is nearing the moment with tired ticks
i feel almost like i could go down to the styx
but today this is what my weary brain predicts
i will finally be able to sleep with nyx

The Night Time Is the Right Time?

waking up with the sun is never fun

i’ve tried at times to open my eyes
but my terrible mind always cries
why am i cursed to endure a life
where my body and i have a strife
i want to wake up and be productive
it wants to sleep in and be destructive
i fight it all through the day despite being dead
i want to sleep when normal people are in bed
But then i hear a punctual chime
the two are now working overtime