A Little Bit Information About Julius Caesar

[NOTE: I am not a historian, so don’t believe a word I’m saying. Do not use this as a source!]

Around 100 BC the practice of having professional soldiers was established in the Roman Empire. Earlier, the army consisted of free peasants who served the government of Rome. But now professional soldiers were working directly for the leader of the army. Continue reading

The Modern Education System Is Awful, and It Needs to Change!

Is today’s school system too generalized? Should we specialize sooner?

The short answer is Yes! Here is a longer one:

Everybody (living in developed countries) has had some mandatory education. Mine lasted for 10 years. Out of every day in one of those years, I spent 190 days in school, every school day lasted for 6 hours. That is 11 400 hours. When I graduated, my time spent in school represented an 8.22 percent of my entire life. That percentage is a rough estimate (because of stuff like sick days). Continue reading

The Island of Neutrality

The canoe slashed through the water. The strongest warrior of the tribe paddled towards the island. The Island of Neutrality was said to be far too small to inhabit. Instead, the various tribes that lived scattered around the archipelago utilized it for meetings. It was neutral ground. The warrior would meet two other people from the closest tribes to talk about a peace treaty. “I am far from the greatest diplomat,” the warrior thought, “but the old ones know best. And it brings bad luck to doubt them, at least openly.” It had been explained that the old ones had come to an agreement to send the warrior for the first meeting. This was to prevent the other two tribes from getting any bright ideas. And this insurance policy outweighed the warrior’s limited understanding of the common tongue. Continue reading